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Article 3. Council

3.1 Composition

The governing body of the Division shall be a Council, to be known as the Young Lawyers Executive Council, consisting of eleven (11) members appointed from among the membership of the Division.

3.2 Duties of Council

The Council shall have general supervision and control of the affairs of the Division, subject to the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Denver Bar Association

3.4 Termination of Council Membership

Each of the Council shall provide advance notice to a Council Officer if they are unable to attend a Council meeting. If any member of the Council shall fail to attend three (3) successive meetings of the Council, or a total of four (4) meetings during any Fiscal Year, the Chair or a majority of the Council shall issue and order to show cause why the office should not be vacated, when other circumstances so warrant. Should such members fail to provide timely notice in writing of special circumstances excusing their absences, or other performance issues, acceptable to a majority of the other members of the Council, the member's office shall be vacated. Any member of the Council may resign at any time by sending a written notice of such resignation to the Secretary of the Division. The resignation shall take effect upon receipt by the Secretary.

3.5 Vacancies

Any vacancy on the Council may be filled from among members of the Division, by appointment, upon a majority vote of the Council members. A Council member so appointed will serve only the unexpired term.

3.6 Eligibility of Council Members

A member of the Division in good standing, whether active or inactive, is eligible for election to the Council so long as he or she is an eligible member, as defined in Section 2.1, at the time of his or her election to the Council.

3.7 Nominations and Appointments

Any person wishing to be appointed to the Executive Council may indicate their candidacy by submitting a letter of interest to the Chair, or the Chair’s designee, in the form as set forth in The Docket, by the deadline publicized in The Docket.

The Secretary shall collect the letters of interest, and present the letters of interest to the Council for a vote by the Council. The Chair or the Secretary shall provide Council members at least seven (7) days prior notice by any reasonable means before the meeting at which the Council will vote on the candidates.

3.8 Timeline

Solicitation of candidates will appear in the April issue of The Docket; candidates will be asked to submit their names in time for a vote by the Council at the May meeting. Successful candidates will be notified in May, and announced in the July issue of The Docket. This timeline will be followed except as otherwise determined by a majority of the Council members.