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Confidential Assistance for Attorneys


By rule of the Colorado Supreme Court, there are two programs that offer assistance to attorneys. Both the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP)  and Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers (CLHL), a Peer Assistance Program, are confidential and as such are exempt from reporting to the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. Additionally, both programs offer information regarding additional resources that are available to attorneys.  Financial assistance for attorneys may also be available through the Waterman Fund.

Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program—COLAP


The Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP) is an independent and confidential program exclusively for Judges, Lawyers, and Law Students. Established by Colorado Supreme Court Rule 254, COLAP provides assistance with Practice Management, Work/Life Integration, Stress and Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse, and any Career Challenge that interferes with the ability to be a productive member of the legal community. COLAP provides referrals for a wide variety of personal and professional issues, assistance with interventions, voluntary monitoring programs, supportive relationships with peer volunteers, and educational programs (including ethics CLEs).

For more information, confidential assistance, or to schedule an educational presentation, please contact COLAP at 303-986-3345 or visit our website at

Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers—CLHL

The Peer Assistance Program is provided by Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers, Inc. (CLHL). This is a lawyer-to-lawyer program supported by the Colorado Bar Association and is available to all lawyers, judges, law school students, and graduates. The focus of the Peer Assistance Program is on helping those who are experiencing alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health issues. This is achieved through confidential peer support, education, referral, and outreach. The peer support program offered through CLHL does not provide treatment or evaluation services. Rather, CLHL provides peer support groups in Denver and a statewide "virtual" telephone support group. All groups preserve the confidentiality of participants. In addition, four attorneys are available for direct phone contact to discuss individual's personal issue and strategies for dealing with those problems.These calls are not for emergencies -- for those, people should contact 911.   Click here for a list of names.

The Waterman Fund

THE WATERMAN FUND provides financial assistance to Colorado lawyers who have practiced law in Colorado for at least 10 years, and are "…aged, infirm or otherwise incapacitated [and are] in good repute and standing."

An Application  can be downloaded from the Application Download page . All information about applicants and awards are confidential. Please direct your questions or a completed Application to Janet Bauer at (303) 824-5319 or