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Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

A joint project of the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado appellate court's BBS.

Opinions available from January 1996 through present, excluding April 1996. (Prior opinions are available in Casemaker)

Cases published announced on:
(Links to full-text published opinions. Text of unpublished
opinions is not available on this website.)
  Case announcement sheets:
(List of published opinions, unpublished
opinions and petitions for rehearing)

Find older opinions in the Colorado Court of Appeals Archives (Members Only). Full-text opinions available from October 1996 to the present.

NOTE AND DISCLAIMER - Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of these opinions. However, errors in transmission and conversion to HTML do occur. The purpose of e-slips is to give a quick, first look at the cases. Before relying on the completeness or accuracy of this presentation please consult an official source. These opinions are not final. They may be modified, changed or withdrawn in accordance with Rules 40 and 49 of the Colorado Appellate Rules. Changes to or modifications of these opinions resulting from any action taken by the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court are not incorporated here.